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August 5, 2007 [Max day] squats and deadlift

Max day August 5, 2007


Low start deadlifts. Used two plates thus around 4 inches off the floor.  Did stiff-legged DL’s and low start deads with weight progressing from 50% to about 90% as warmup.  From then on did singles 140kgs -> 150kgs -> 155kgs.  Didn’t used straps!  My grip had finally caught up.  I can still remember last December 2006 when we attempted 130kgs regular deads my gripped gave out, thus it was a no lift.  I tried it again with straps and nailed it.  We stopped at 155kgs since my from was already starting to break.  on the 150-kgs lift my the barbell almost slipped of my right hand, we are not allowed to use chalk in the gym (it’s a commercial gym).  Key learnings I got from this is to be aggressive, proper setup always, and push off the floor with your heals, keep the bar as close to your body, if it needs to scrape your shins then so be it.


Sited good mornings. 50kgs 5 sets of 8 reps.


Pull thrus with wide stance and back as flat as possible.  The wide stance ensure that you are hitting your lower back. A narrow stance would have shifted the effort to the hamstrings.


Shrugs, used two 80lbs dumbbells. I used wrist straps for this. 3 sets of 10 reps.  Lean slightly forward and maintain a tight arch on the lower back. Elbows should be relaxed, your arms are merely hooks to attach  the dumbbell to.  Feel the contractions of your traps.


Circuit abs training (3 rounds)

45s bridge

Alternate leg raises – this one is a killer 10 counts per leg

Squirms -12 reps

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