Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 29, 2007 [speed day] bench

August 29, 2007 [speed day] bench

Sets x reps x weight (change from past week, assuming same movement) (rest between sets)


Dumbbell press (7)

4x15x45lbs (60s rest)

-completed 3 sets, 4th set only made 7 reps, didn’t think I could complete a set at first.


Speed bench (5)

2x3x45kgs close grip

3x3x45kgs regular grip

3x3x45kgs wide grip

-no problem


JM press (5)


-no problem, could have gone to 27.5kgs


Supported rows (5)


-no problem


Supported bent over raises (5)


-no problem


Lying dumbbell extension (5)

1 set to failure, 20lbs per arm

-made it to 22 reps each arm, left arm fatigued much earlier but forced it anyway


Reverse grip curls (4)


-no problem


Note:I think this was a good session.  Wasn’t confident at first about the 45lb dumbbell press.  But got through it.

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