Wednesday, January 31, 2007

RE: Jan. 31, 2006 workout [speed day]

Speed Bench

3x9x35kgs 3 alternating grips

-No problem encountered

2” off chest

10x3x35kgs competition grip

-no problem encountered. Setup is now better and easier with the power cage J.

Dumbell rows

10x3x(12 rep weight) try 40lbs first

-used 40lbs, would try 45 next time.

Upright rows



Regular Bench


-no problem encountered

Cross-face triceps extension


-no problem encountered

Abs (choose 3 exercises)

30 reps, 3 rounds, 1 minute rest between circuit

Rate whole exercise (1 to 10) also write comments on what happened per exercise and what you felt.

Rating: 6

Thursday, January 11, 2007

workout for Jan. 11, 2007

Narrow stance squat



10x3x70kgs – no problem encountered

Stiff legged deadlift

10x3x70kgs – what’s the difference with Romanian Deadlift?


8x2x30kgs – very challenging but was able to complete exercise

Dumbell Bentover Rows

10x3x40lbs – no problem

Bentover raises

10x2x25lbs – felt slight pain on left shoulder/tricep area.

Weighted situps

10x3x20kgs – was able to complete

Weighted leg tucks

15x3x2kgs medicine ball - in place of 10x3x10lbs can’t figure out how to do it with a dumbbell J

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RE: workout for Jan. 10, 2007

Dumbell BP Flat

12x1x20kgs (BP) -warmup

6x1x30kgs (BP) -warmup

10x1x40lbs. –tried if I can go 45lbs.


Close Grip BP (Barbell)

10x3x35kgs – no problem encountered.

Front Raises DB

10x3x20lbs. – first set my form was not that good and I seem to have pulled a muscle in my left forearm, anyway was able to complete the required sets

Upright Rows (BB)

8x3x30kgs. – felt a little pain in my right wrist. Was able to complete required sets and reps.

French Press

10x3x27.5kgs – no problem encountered.

Standing Triceps Extension

10x3x15lbs. – no problem encountered though I could have used a longer rest time between the French press and the triceps extension.

I have observed that I could lift better especially in the Dumbell BP if I wrap my leather wrist wraps around the handles of the dumbbell thus thickening it. With the wraps I could grip the dumbbells better.

From: Villegas, Erick
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 5:28 PM
To: Villegas, Erick
Subject: workout for Jan. 10, 2007

Dumbell BP Flat


Close Grip BP (Barbell)


Front Raises DB


Upright Rows (BB)


French Press


Standing Triceps Extension DB