Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 4, 2007 [ Max day] bench

Max day august 4, 2007 bench


Succeeded in lifting 85kgs after two failed attempts.  Losing tightness as the bar goes down thus finding it difficult to push up even with leg drive.  Key learning is to maintain arch, and tension in everything.  One way of ensuring tightness is to grib the bar as tight as you can and imagine you are trying to spit the bar not bend it.  Trying to bend it makes my elbows go in.


Next was 2board presses.


Dips. Bodyweight dips for six followed by assisted dips for 10.  did 3 sets of this.


Cable push down targeting the lats and shoulders, arms straight up with the body at a 45 degree incline pull the cable down, make sure to initiate motion by retracting lats


Rear raises targeting the rear deltoids.



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