Sunday, August 05, 2007

August 2,2007 [speed day] squats and deadlift

August 2,2007 [speed day] squats and deadlift


Sets x reps x weight (change from past week, assuming same movement) (rest between sets)


Lowbox squats (6)

8x3x82.5kgs (+2.5kgs ~+2.5%)

-last reps of last three sets slower than rest, much better today than last week


Speed deads (4)

10x1x92.5kgs (+2.5kgs ~+2.5%)

-no problem


Sited Good Mornings (6)

3x8x82.5kgs (+2.5kgs ~+2.5%)

-much better today despite soreness from speed bench day training, I think it was the isometric hold that caused the soreness


Shrugs (5)


-no problem


Bicep curls (5)


-no problem, used 30 second rest between sets with moderate tempo


Weighted abs (5)


-no problem, need to tweak this next time




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