Monday, May 18, 2009

for sale gym equipment

Sad to say it but I am selling my home gym due to some unfortunate life changing event.  They had served me very well in achieving my goals. Rest assured I'll still be pursuing my strength goals, though in less than ideal setup.  Hope these tools would help you with your own goals.
(better pictures would be provided later and other items would be posted soon)

for sale gym equipment
1pc - Power Cage - P11,000

rubber coated plates (2" bore) for olympic bar (P70/kg)
2pcs. - 20kgs - P2800
2pcs -  15kgs - P2100
2pcs -  10kgs - P1400
2pcs -   5kgs -  P700
2pcs -   2.5kgs - P350
2pcs -   1.5kgs - P210

power grab olympic plates (P60/kg)
2pcs - 15kgs - P1800
2pcs - 10kgs - P1200
2pcs -   5kgs - P600

1 pc. olympic bar - P3,000

(image for olympic bar only)

Heavy Duty Utility Bench (red) - P9000

Heavy Duty Flat Bench (grey) - P3500
(picture to follow)