Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No go today

I missed my first workout. I was supposed to have a workout today but I was not feeling well. I think I am going down with the flu. Hope it won’t get aggravated since I have a business trip next week. I’ll definitely try to get a session in tomorrow and another on Saturday since it is doubtful I could have a workout next week.

The next few months would be hectic at work, thus I would have to be creative and smart in my scheduling. I would still get my two weekdays sessions going after the business trip. I would have to choose between the days of Tuesday to Thursday. Mondays and Fridays are off-days since I would be traveling to and from work.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Next Cycle begins!

My rest week had just ended and time for another cycle. This time around we would be focusing on hyperthropy. The weekly program would be divided into two. Two days volume (bodybuilding), and two days strength/power. The Saturday workout consisted of 10 reps of 80% of my 1 RM for the bench. I did about three sets. The next exercises were all assistance training but still the focus was on volume. The main exercise for the Sunday workout was the squat. I did 10 reps of 80% of my 1 RM for the squat, for three sets. I did stiff legged Romanian Deadlift next. Doing 12x10x50kgs. It was followed by leg presses and leg curls and last were ab exercises (plank and leg raise). I still don’t know what the exercises would be for the weekday. I just have to wait and see.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New PRs!

Another cycle has ended and it was time again for getting PRs. It was a short training cycle about 5 weeks. We are trying to see which length of training works best for me. For the next cycle, we would be focusing again on hyperthropy. Need those muscles to be able to lift more weight. We started off with the squat. It was the first time I used knee wraps. Marlon put the wraps on my knees and did it “light”. I was wondering what “heavy” wrapping feels like? It was also the first time I used a belt. The belt I used was not very good but again I was happy with the result. I just wished I already had my own belt. I asked a friend to buy a Forever Belt from Inzer, but no one is coming back to the Philippines at this time to hand carry it for me (shipping is just too expensive). The attempt went

12x1 @ 20kgs

5x1 @ 50kgs

1x1 @ 90kgs

1x1 @ 100kgs (used a belt and knee wraps)

1x1 @ 110kgs (used belt and wraps)

1x1 @ 130kgs (used belt and wraps)

Actually we tried two reps at 130kgs but I bombed out, because during the first rep while getting down into the hole the belt (which was fastened by Velcro) loosened. I really felt I could’ve made the 2nd rep. We decided to stop there. My previous PR was 100kgs (no belt and wraps). Marlon estimated that we could have gone around 150 if the belt was of better quality, anyway it was still a new PR. The wrap was an entirely new experience for me. I felt more secure and the springiness of the wrap help me a lot. The belt too helped a lot.

I rested for 10 minutes or so and headed for the next “event”, the bench press. My previous PR was 55kgs. I was not able to monitor the weights we used but we ended at 65kgs. I was satisfied with the attempts though I need to work on my technique. Coach noticed that my arch was higher now which was a good thing. Need to work on foot placement, shoulder blades, meet the bar, use legs to help pushing the bar, explosiveness, etc.

The last event was the deadlift. My previous best was 120kgs. The lift went

10x1 @ 50kgs

5x1 @ 75kgs

3x1 @ 90kgs

1x1 @ 100kgs

1x1 @ 120kgs

1x1 @ 130kgs

1x1 @ 135kgs failed

1x1 @ 135kgs got it!

My first attempt at 135kgs failed because of timing problems. Everything was not in sync for the lift. I rested for about 5 minutes and did the 2nd attempt, this time I nailed it. It was amazing, all the hardwork I did for the past 5 weeks paid off. I was into the lift that after I got the 135kgs my shins was somewhat aching. The knurls of the bar was scraping my shins! I did not notice it during the lift. I should use knee high socks next time. One more thing. I am now going to use Chuck Taylors high cut all black in my training sessions. My cross trainers just would not cut it for me. It is too “bouncy” and during heavy lifts in “rounds” thus I lose my footing. If you have better shoes to recommend just let me know. J