Sunday, July 05, 2009

July 5, 2009 Squat and Deadlift

July 5, 2009 Squat and Deadlift

front box squats 8x2 @ 50kgs
  • avoiding bands for now, sticking to the basics as I try to recover.  I hurt my back last year and wasn't really pushing that much with regards to squats and deads.  Chose front squats to change things a bit, forcing me to keep a more upright torso.  Would be sticking to front squats for the next three weeks and hope to push max to 70 to 80kg range.

deadlift off blocks, Max
  • progression
    • 70kgs 1x8
    • 80kgs 1x4
    • 90kgs 1x2
    • 105kgs 1x1
    • 115kgs 1x1
    • 130kgs 1x1
    • 135kgs 1x1

good mornings 5x5 @55kgs
  • shoulder width stance

lat pulldowns 8x4 @ 60kgs

negative chin ups 3x3 5sec. count

weighted sit ups 3x12 @15kgs

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